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Camper Packing Guide

What to Pack


The list below applies to all campers and sessions. Camp is a place for comfortable and casual clothing. You know your camper best. They may need more of an item than suggested or less than another, so please adjust accordingly.We recommend packing with your camper to help reduce Lost and Found items. It also helps to prepare your camper for the camp experience.



 Laundry goes out once a week and comes back the next day. Campers registered for the Sneak Preview program will not have laundry. Clothing is laundered in industrial washers and dryers, so please do not pack anything delicate. While our laundry service has a proven track record of quality service, we cannot be responsible for any fading/shrinking or lost items.



Please label your camper’s name on each item. We recommend using iron-on labels for clothes, and laundry markers for other gear. All clothing, bedding, and personal effects should be packed in duffle bags for simple handling.

Packing the Bags

Bags should be securely closed and well-labeled on the outside with your camper’s name. Please restrict your camper to two duffle bags only and be careful with the weight of the bags-if you cant lift it, neither can we! Folding lawn chairs may be packed separately from the duffle bags and placed on the cartage truck. Musical equipment, toolboxes and backpacks may be brought on the bus with your camper. We cannot accept any standalone shelving or drawer units, as cabin space is limited.


Dressing for Shabbat

 On the first Friday night of each session, we celebrate a “Blue & White” Shabbat to welcome this special day at camp. Please be sure your camper is packed accordingly. Like the rest of camp, Shabbat is casual. Dresses are ok, but so are jeans, shorts, etc… Some campers (boys and girls) choose to wear Kippot for Friday evening and Saturday morning services, but it is optional.


 Lost and Found

 Our counselors will regularly sweep the activity areas of camp to collect any items left behind throughout the day. Lost clothing is regularly laundered at camp and returned to cabins, and a camp-wide Lost and Found return will occur regularly throughout the session. Please help us out by ensuring that all of your campers’ items are clearly labelled with their full name (not just initials).

Items for the Bus-Ride/Carry-On

 In a small backpack, we recommend for parents to pack a small snack and a magazine/comic book to enjoy on the bus ride to camp. There will be 2 counselors on the bus. They will help ease your camper’s nerves and introduce them to other campers sitting nearby. As well, please pack an extra snack in your camper’s bag to share with their cabin at their First Night Candy Party! For the health and safety of our campers, please ensure that all snacks sent with your camper for the first day are kosher, as well as nut, peanut and treenut-free. If the items are from a bulk food store or labeled as “May Contain”, they are not acceptable to be sent with your camper.


A few words about electronics at camp…

 We recognize that listening to music and one’s favourite tunes are enjoyable pastimes for campers when resting or going to bed, and that there are changes in today’s technologies to devices that have these capabilities.

 Therefore, under the following conditions below, the only device that is permitted at camp are MP3 Players, such an IPOD Shuffle, so long as the device is not capable of:

  • Playing games.
  • Watching movies, tv shows, or music videos.
  • Uploading or downloading data of any kind
  • Being used as telephones


It is at the discretion of families as to whether or not they send these items with their campers to camp. Camp Shalom cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items. If electronic devices are found that do not meet the above criteria, these items will be confiscated and donated to charity.

 Do not pack any of the following items:

 Cellphones, Walkie Talkies, Portable DVD Players, Tablets, E-Readers, Handheld Video games, illegal drugs, alcohol, food/candy, chewing gum, bottled water, money, water balloons, candles/lighters/matches, mosquito coils, knives, tools or weapons, sharpie markers, or jewellery/other valuables.

Hannah Clemen,
Mar 27, 2018, 11:43 AM