Visitors' Day

First Session Campers

2018 Visitors' Day will be taking place on the last day of First Session, which is Sunday, July 29th. If your camper is travelling home by bus, they will depart camp at 9:00 am. Campers will arrive at Carnegie Centennial (580 Finch Avenue West) around 11:00 am.  There will be Camp Shalom staff on the bus and they will make sure all campers are picked up before departing the parking lot.

If you are picking your camper up at camp, you will aim to arrive between 10:30 am and 11 am. Camp Shalom staff will direct you to the parking area, and you will be allowed to walk into camp at 11:00 am.  Once you enter the camp, you will have an opportunity to meet the counselors in your camper’s cabin.  At 12:00 pm, we will all gather at the flagpole for Mifkad, a camper presentation and to say goodbye.  Families should not be leaving before this point in the schedule.  At 12:45 pm, there will be staff available to help load your camper’s bags into your car.  At this point, you are welcome to spend the afternoon and enjoy a BBQ picnic lunch provided by the camp, or depart with your campers right away.  If you are spending the day at camp, please see the next section for additional details about the at-camp programme.

Full Summer Campers
When you arrive at the camp parking lot, Camp Shalom staff will direct you where to park.  Visitors’ Day begins at 11:00 am, at which point the gates are opened to let you in.  From 11:00 am-12:00 pm, you will have the opportunity to see your camper’s cabin and meet their counselors.  At 12:00 pm, we will all gather at the flagpole for Mifkad and to say goodbye to the First Session campers.  Following this presentation, families are welcome to join us for a complimentary BBQ lunch courtesy of Camp Shalom and Taam Tov Catering.  If you wish to augment our lunch with your own snacks, please keep in mind that Camp Shalom is a strictly kosher and nut-free environment.  This includes peanuts and all types of tree nuts, as well as any package labelled “may contain traces of nuts”. If you are unsure if something is nut-free, we recommend you leave it at home.

Your pets are welcome to join us for the day at camp, but please ensure that they are kept on leash at all times.

We do not allow our counsellors to accept tips.  To show appreciate for your campers' staff, we encourage you to make a donation in their honour to the camper scholarship fund.  You can see us at the camp office for details about making a donation.

Families who wish to take their camper out of camp for the afternoon may do so at any time after this point.  Please make sure to sign your camper out at the office.  There will be times set up throughout the afternoon to visit the medical staff. The Tuck Shop will also be open in the afternoon.  All Full Summer campers must be back in camp no later than 5 pm, at which point our Visitors’ Day comes to an end.